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So let me understand...

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If I do the following...

1) Install Sarachu exhausts
2) Do the "Fog Airbox Mod"
3) Install a K/N airfilter

I will have to adjust the Air/Fuel mixture.

Can anyone tell me what (if any) performance change this will make to the bike. I like the idea of better idol response (thus the airbox mod). I want the louder exhaust (so people on the freeway know I am around them), and the K/N seems like a logical choice.

Anything I am missing?

Can anyone point me to the "official" air/fuel mixture adjustment process? I have never done anything mechanical (Car or Bike) and I am thinking this will be simple. I want to make sure I have all the information I need to complete this project.
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That's not what pilots screw settings are for.

Adjust the pilot screws. Each time you adjust the screw out (richer) the idle will increase. Keep adjusting the pilot out until the idle no longer increases, (adjust your throttle stop to keep the idle where it should be) and then screw it back in one half turn. Do this with both pilots.

After you get the pilots adjusted for proper mixture at idle, you will get better throttle response, but best throttle response will be achieved if you now sync your carbs. You'll need vacuum gauges or mercury sticks to do that. When both carbs pull the same vacuum at idle, your throttle response will be very quick.

Note: Adjust pilots for proper mixture BEFORE syncing the carbs. Pilot adjustment will also help reduce popping or backfiring when decellerating, especially with aftermarket exhaust, but the only way to truly elliminate that is to block off the air induction system on the cylinder head.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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