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I believe these from '04...pilot screw tamper caps still installed, factory synch still undisturbed, in great shape inside even before I began. Like pressing the reset button, these things are now as close to like new as I can possibly achieve.

REFURBED, split, disassembled and cleaned using my standard combination of methods...multiple courses (as needed) of soda blasting, heated ultrasonic machine, compressed air, and handiwork. Stock main/pilot jets and needles , perfect for your stock airbox/exhaust EX (all years). Pilot screws (tamper proof caps now removed) set to the accepted 2 1/2 turn starting position.

*stainless steel button head hardware all around (all brace threads coated with anti-seize)
* new orings everywhere (ALL fuel and vent rail, float bowl and pilot screw locations)
* new float valves, dressed seats
* throttle plates bench synched
* the fabled Kaw rail filter installed
* perfect slide action
* float/fuel levels carefully set
* all circuits confirmed absolutely clear as they came from Mr. Kawasaki.
* wet tested perfect
* will be superb runners while delivering a long service life


thanks for looking, G


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