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REFURBED, split, disassembled and cleaned using my standard combination of methods...multiple courses of machine and handiwork. OEM stock jetting Keihin 130 main jets, new 35 pilot jets, N36N needles, perfect for your stock airbox/exhaust EX (all years). Pilot screws (tamper proof caps removed) set to the accepted 2 1/2 turn starting position.

"Trade-ins" from another member, these'll be fine runners while offering a long service life. These required drilling/tapping for 2 oversized (5mm) bowl screws (threads destroyed by prior owner) No issues there.
  • stainless steel button head hardware all around (all brace threads coated with anti-seize)
  • new orings everywhere (ALL fuel and vent rail, float bowl and pilot screw locations)
  • new float valves, dressed seats
  • immaculate restored factory brass and tuning components
  • throttle plates carefully synched
  • the fabled Kaw rail filter installed
  • perfect slide action (confirmed via testing)
  • float/fuel levels carefully set, tested, confirmed
  • all circuits confirmed absolutely clear as they came from Mr. and Mrs. Kawasaki and their Uncle Keihin.
  • wet tested, levels tweaked to perfect, test revealed no leaks
  • these will be superb, functional bolt-on runners while delivering a long service life. However, you will need to set idle to your preferred RPM.
  • choke and joining braces are powdercoated black
TRADE IN INFO/DETAILS established registered members please PM for trade in details, its same basic procedure used at your local auto parts store on buying anything with a "core charge"
QUESTIONS please PM for any special needs or further detail, fellow members thanks for lookin'

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