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Here are some torque specs for those doing suspension work, hope this helps someone.

Front axle nut: 65 ft/lbs
Front axle clamp: 10 ft/lbs
front brake caliber mounting bolts : 24 ft/lbs
front brake caliber bleeder: 69 inch/lbs
front brake caliber banjo bolt: 21 ft/lbs

lower triple tree clamp: 21 ft/lbs
upper triple tree clamp: 15 ft/lbs
Shock bottom allen bolt: 21 ft/lbs

handlebar mounting bolts: 17 ft/lbs

Swingarm bolt: 65 ft/lbs
Rear axle bolt: 81 ft/lbs

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I believe first gens and second gens have dif. torque settings.

According to my Gen 1 bible:

Front axle clamp: Upper 14 ftlb
Lower 22ftlb

Banjos: 22ftlb

rear axle: 80ftlb

Not dif. by much but whatever. One should always use brandnew bolts and washers every time anyway. Also, the torque settings will change with locktight, anti sieze, and oil. Once a bolt is torqued to its max, it has streched a percentage and will now require more torque to have the same holding power as it did before it was streched.

Sure, a bit of an overkill, but this is a cycle that I like to pound around on and dont want a caliper[/color] bolt shearing off as I brake hard into a corner.
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