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I went down to "my" dealership today. Talked to many of the employees on the Z650, CB650F, Yamaha Tracer, and the Suzuki SV650. They all said they would get the Honda. So...I did!

Goodbye Versys! A great bike but the maintenance was such a PITA that I just couldn't get past the additional work required for even the simple, common things.

My sales guy at Tampa Bay Powersports walked me to the back, found a crated 2018, ripped it open.

I told him to show me some numbers. As always with him it was a one-shot deal I couldn't resist!

Just after prep:

And then mounting up for home:

A 25 mile trip home, dodging small raindrops, but she handles really nice! A lot different from the Versys but the throttle response is a little tighter on the Honda. It will take me some time to get used to the different seating position but I know there'll be modifications coming.

I'm thinking to try some risers and see how that feels. As for the seat, there is a softer spot when I moved all the way back but, I'll be looking!

Bottom line...I am HAPPY that I'm back on a Honda again!

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The more I look at it, the more I like. Bar height to seat looks like it'll yield a very comfortable riding position. Open engine bay looks like it'll shed Florida heat for you....and engine itself is artwork. Massive swingarm, giant brake discs.

Looks like its screaming for that high rear fender thing to "go away"...
HaHa!!! Surprisingly, that's what just about EVERYONE has said!!! Many of the riders immediately go to the tail tidy!

When you're able, please post further initial riding impressions! (I'm sure you're out enjoying right now) :smile2:

I took it out yesterday and rode over to meet a teacher friend for lunch. On the way to the restaurant I took a detour. There's an undeveloped housing complex going in where all the roads are paved and only a few houses on the south side. The roads have a few curves and, since there's nobody living there I can kick up the RPM'S!

Too soon to say still but after almost 100 miles on it:

1) The gearing is amazing! Honda set this up for heavy torque in EVERY gear at low RPM's. So, I went 25-30 mph in 6th gear and NO jerking or chugging!!! I will compare this to my old Versys that, when in the 2500-3500 rpm range there was always a chugging. (This has been remedied by one of my friends that own's his own ECU flashing business. I rode his flashed Versys and WOW! Total difference immediately noticed from Kawasaki's stock ECU!) Well, Honda has got this bike down!

2) Despite the low end torque when you juice the throttle it hustles! For example, 6th gear at 3500 RPM, then a twist of the throttle...you can feel a split second before the engine bites! Then off you go! With that said, for you racing riders, this may not be something you'd enjoy as I can see you wanting immediate power. I think the difference with this Honda is that once that engine hits the higher RPM's it almost begs for you to go faster, if that makes any sense.

3) The riding position is something I'm getting used to. Coming from the Versys I was always upright. The CB has me leaning a little forward and down on the bars. It's definitely not as crouched as a sports bike but I put risers on tonight. Not sure if I need the 1 1/4" rise so I may lower it to 1/2", just for that little extra lift.

4) The seat...tell me ONE BIKE you've owned that you ever were happy with the seat!!! This actually isn't too bad but, then again, I haven't been out for long enough to know for sure. I will say that there's a more comfortable spot. When I slide all the way back it feels softer.

5) Handling - I didn't want to push it too much as I'm still in the "break-in" period but going through those curves I was able to do 45 in a 15 mph "L" curve! I'll admit I was probably going beyond the comfort level but...well, y'all know! I have felt a little slide from the rear tire so I'm going to adjust the rear spring. It does feel every bump on the road so we'll see what a spring adjustment can do to remedy this.

6) Overall - I really liked my Versys but I just couldn't get it out of my head that the maintenance was such a disappointment. And the fact that I had other issues with the bike that I just don't think was acceptable from Kawasaki. (There were others on the Versys forum that had similar issues. At first I thought they were crazy...and then it was happening to my bike.) The Versys was a great bike for touring because it could handle the long, straight highways and then hop right into The Dragon. I could get over 250 miles a tank on the Versys. But it just pissed me off. So, the Honda is here. I figured this time I would get a little more of a sports bike with a taste of the more upright seating. That EX I had last summer should have never left my garage! But this Honda has just a little bit of that EX feel to it! So I like it.
Also, since this summer I'm going to stick around town, I thought maybe it's time to just get a motorcycle that suits the majority of my riding - which is local, commuting to and from work and the weekend jaunts. This Honda will cover all those bases!
Bottom line at this EARLY point on the Honda...I lose about 50 miles of travel before fill up's and won't have the luggage space. But, I'm going to order a set of the Shad hard side cases and maybe a top case. But I get the Honda quality that, in my experience, says a lot! I'm also ordering a Puig windscreen. There's just a little too much blast in the chest right now. Although the wind feels good in this Florida scorching heat I know when it cools down it will be welcoming.
Finally, I'm getting used to that front wheel. It feels like you're leaning over the front tire! (If you've sat on a GSX then that's what this Honda feels like, only a little more uprighted bars.) The EX was sporty, but the Ninja's just have a more comfortable feel - almost as if the rake is longer in the front. Maybe the risers will help some.

I'll detail more in the next few weeks...if this rain ever stops!


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@Devilsfan from ^ pic it looks so comfy. Really tasty styling too. Did your sales guy say they were selling well? (they should be)

Anything new to report or expand upon? Neat pics?

First off, when I got to the dealership I asked where the CB was that they had there a week ago. Sold! I think youre going to see a lot more sales with the 2019 Neo Cafe's. They're sharp! And I'm trying to find one at a dealer in the 650 size. My local Honda dealership has two 1,000cc's but no one seems to have the 650's yet.

Not much to report yet due to Florida's monsoon season starting as soon as I buy the bike. :mad: And I mean it's been POURING every, single, stinking day!!!
I did get out last evening and took a 50 mile, back-roads jaunt. Figures, through many of the curves where I wanted to open it up, I get some retired guy in front of me. (Where the hell are they going at 4:30 in the afternoon on the backroads where nobody lives except farmers?!?!)

I was able to hit some decent curves and the bike handles superbly! Again, I'm sure y'all are used to this type of handling, but coming from the Versys it's so much tighter and way more flickable than I'm used to. With the EX I had that but without the power. This thing has a ton of torque and it really muscles through the curves. whereas the Versys would kind of "zip" through them, if that makes sense.

I got it up to 80 mph and I really wanted to take it faster. Too many cops made me change my mind.

Today my Puig windscreen arrived. It took me 5 minutes to mount it up but the constant rain had me sidelined. Hopefully tomorrow will allow for some riding time. I want to see how much that windscreen flows the air away from my chest. Funny thing is I was getting the wind in my chest but no helmet buffeting. I hope it's not the reverse with the screen on.

Also, I took 1/4" off the risers and it really feels "exact"!

So...maybe tomorrow I can give a little more of an update. But so far it's a cool bike and I'm glad I got it. I think back to the Versys and the biggest thing that comes at me is the weight difference. Not that the Versys was super heavy but this Honda is like a feather!

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Had a little over an hour this morning before the rain came back in. Shot down to another Honda dealership, south of me, as they listed a 2019 Neo Cafe 650 in their showroom. I got there and the sales guy said it was still in the crate. :mad:

My purpose is to compare the new 2019's to my 2018. According to the sales guy the Neo Cafe's are more sportier and he said they geared the engines differently. I straddled a 2019 1000 and it definitely has more of a crouched position. Granted, it is a much larger engine and, therefore, it won't feel exactly like a 650cc.

I like the new paint but not sure I like the round headlight.

Bottom line...I am really starting to enjoy mine! I was on a two-lane on each side and the traffic was pissing me off. Next thing I know I'm weaving in and out of cars like a 16 year old who just got his motorcycle license!!! >:) And I don't really do that!

Also noticed, when cruising at 5,000 rpm's when I juiced it as soon as it hit the 6,000 rpm in 6th gear it felt like a rubber band retracting and shot me forward! Almost as if it jumped straight out of "torque" and straight into "power". It surprised me (in a good way) so I'm learning new things on this bike.

Also, the new Puig Naked New Generation windscreen took a lot of the wind off my chest. Had a little helmet "sway" but that was only in windy spots, no buffeting that shook my vision or anything.

Stopped by Veteran's Park for a photo op:


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... is there any reference to using the Honda PGM FI system in your manual? If as user friendly as is on my VFR....thats another feather in its cap. Very efficient, simple diagnostics when needed (but hopefully not for a long time)

Another question...basic service, oil & filter...easy?

Appreciate the dialog, thanks for your ongoing insights!

Yes, there is mention of the PGM FI in the Owner's Manual but there's no mention of how to "use it". The manual just says if the PGM FI indicator comes on while riding you have problems! (Not quite sure what you mean or what may be the difference on your VFR.)

On the CB forum a ton of owners are going straight to the the Power Commanders. They're also liking the Akrapovic exhaust system (which is $1,000!) but these guys are buying them.

Many of the CB forum members are European. It's interesting in the difference in styles they get compared to the US models. (Everyone in the US always likes the Euro models and all the Europeans like the US models! :grin2: )

Here's a video of one of the members and his new exhaust. I'm not into all that, I'm very satisfied with the stock set-up.


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Unfortunately, and I've scoured the internet looking, there is no Service Manual printed at this time!

As of what I know now...the Owner's Manual states: "If the indicator light comes on while riding, you may have a serious problem with the PGM-FI system. Reduce speed and have your motorcycle inspected by your dealer as soon as possible."

***Actually found this! Not sure what year this is for but I assume it's the 2017 models.


The PGM-FI system is equipped with the self-diagnostic system. When any abnormality occurs in the system, the ECM turns on the
MIL and stores a DTC in its erasable memory.
The PGM-FI system is provided with a fail-safe function to secure a minimum running capability even when there is trouble in the
system. When any abnormality is detected by the self-diagnosis function, running capability is maintained by pre-programed value
in the simulated program map. When any abnormality is detected in the injector, the fail-safe function stops the engine to protect it
from damage.
• The DTC is composed of a main code and a sub code and it is displayed as a hyphenated number when retrieved from the ECM
with the MCS.
The digits in front of the hyphen are the main code, they indicate the component of function failure.
The digits behind the hyphen are the sub code, they detail the specific symptom of the component or function failure.
For example, in the case of the TP sensor:
– DTC 08-1 = (TP sensor voltage) – (lower than the specified value)
– DTC 08-2 = (TP sensor voltage) – (higher than the specified value)
• The MAP, ECT, TP and IAT sensor diagnosis will be made according to the voltage output of the affected sensor.
If a failure occurs, the ECM determines the Function Failure, compares the sensor voltage output to the standard value, and
then outputs the corresponding DTC to the MCS.
For example:
– If the output voltage line on the MAP sensor is opened, the ECM detects the output voltage is about 5 V, then the DTC 1-2
(MAP sensor circuit high voltage) will be displayed.
– If the input voltage line on the TP sensor is opened, the ECM detects the output voltage is 0 V, then the DTC 8-1 (TP sensor
circuit low voltage) will be displayed.



[4] [5]

(All indicators and segments displayed)


• If the MCS is not available, DTC can be read from the ECM memory by the MIL blink pattern.
• The number of MIL blinks is the equivalent to the main code of the DTC (the sub code cannot be displayed by the MIL).
• The MIL will blink the current DTC, in case the ECM detects the problem at present, when the ignition switch is turned ON with
the engine stop switch " " or idling with the sidestand down. The MIL will stay ON when the engine speed is over 1,800 min-1
(rpm) or with the sidestand up.
• The MIL has two types of blinks, a long blink and short blink. The long blinking lasts for 1.3 seconds, the short blinking lasts for
0.3 seconds. One long blink is the equivalent of ten short blinks. For example, when two long blinks are followed by nine short
blinks, the DTC is 29 (two long blinks = 20 blinks, plus nine short blinks).
• When the ECM stores more than one DTC, the MIL will indicate them by blinking in the order from the lowest number to highest
When the ignition switch is turned ON with the engine stop switch " ", the MIL will stay on for a few seconds, then go off. If the MIL
does not come on or stays on, inspect the MIL circuit (page 4-35).
The DTC is indicated in two ways according to the failure status.
• In case the ECM detects the problem at present, the MIL will start blinking as its DTC. It is possible to read out the MIL blink
pattern as the current DTC.
• In case the ECM does not detect any problem at present but has a problem stored in its memory, the MIL will not blink. If it is
necessary to retrieve the past problem, read out the stored DTC by following the DTC Readout procedure (page 4-6).

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IMHO not even needed....I guess its a standard play toy for the "mod crowd".
Yes, that's how I feel. I'm not going to modify the mapping in any way. So far I really like how this motorcycle rides the way it is. That said, for those that are seriously into racing, I can understand why you may want to tweak things to you're personal liking. But I have no plans on racing!

Further input appreciated @Devilsfan Confirms useful PGM another checkmark in the + column for this Honda 650 series.

Went down to the local Honda dealership this morning (not where I bought mine). They're under new ownership and they've turned into a boat dealership more than a motorcycle shop, unfortunately. They have so much overstock that you can hardly walk around their huge showroom. (Literally, you're turning sideways to get through all of the 4-wheelers and bikes as they've stocked so many boats in and around their store you can't even park there!)

Anyway, they had a brand new, 2019 CB650R sitting there!!! I jumped on it and it felt really good. More forward-leaning than my 2018 CB but it has a different seat and felt really good. Now, I pondered if I had buyer's remorse as I suppose I could have waited to grab one of these. But truthfully, I am really enjoying mine.

Some differences:

Not a fan of this circular headlight. Just looks...out of place to me. Like a cafe racer on a naked sports bike. Yeah, I know...that's why they're calling them the "Neo Cafe's"!

I do like the seat! I believe it's a two-piece but I'll have to verify. Notice the darker red/maroon color.

Here's the ABS for the front. I gotta be honest, Honda has got these brakes down. I do NOT have ABS on mine and it feels like my old CTX. I don't think you really "need" ABS, especially not on motorcycles. These brakes (manual) are so easy to feel and I have no fear of ever locking them up.

Different bars and more forward. Although it felt comfortable I think, for me, leaning that forward for a long period of time would wear on me. But the tank is longer than mine and reminded me of the difference between my old V-strom and Versys. I really liked that longer tank on the V-strom compared to the Versys. But again, this CB is a sport bike where the V-strom wasn't.

Different dash. Mine has two sides, the left showing speed and RPM's / right showing gas gauge, time, idiot lights, and mileage. This is one unit that has it all on one screen. To me, it almost makes this bike "too naked". Like the headlight, just seems like there should be something else there.

Not the greatest pics but I think this bike is going to be a winner. I'm also thinking they may refine things for their 2020 models. I'd like to see what they do next.

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I test rode those Tracer's and, for me, I just wasn't that impressed. Didn't like the way the engine sounds, has a weird high-pitch to it. And the seat didn't fit me either. It's a super light motorcycle and rides pretty good but just wasn't the "fit" I was looking for.

Surprisingly, that day of the demo rides, many were stoked for those MT's but the overall opinions after the rides were nothing spectacular. One rider even said he was kind of let down as he hoped that would be his next motorcycle.

To each their own, and I'm not knocking Yamaha, but it just wasn't for me.

***That video DOES sound sweet!!!

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hey @Devilsfan now that you've got (I'd guess) some miles on, after some break-in.........further updates?

Almost at 2,000 miles. (The constant rain and working on the house has taken away a lot of riding time.)

OK, I rode the "Tail of the Gecko", which is probably one of Florida's most curvy routes. Unfortunately, as soon as I came upon the road some azzhat Harley guy pulled out in front of me so I couldn't really go higher speeds. But it did ride and handle superbly!

Some adjustments made:

- Bars up and forward a tad. There's really not a lot you can do with them but it's working.
- Adjusted the shifter a little lower.
- Adjusted the throttle cable for a quicker bite.
- Added a gel seat cushion as that stock seat really digs in after an hour.

So far I'm really liking this bike! Again, I am "learning" that it really wants the higher RPM's when riding. It redlines at 11.5 and if you stay around 6-9K rpm the bike is happy! Not used to that.
It's very sensitive (for me) as far as handling. There's very little "sluggishness" when you lean. I catch myself veering into road lines when I look around, simple lean and you're going to go in that direction!
I'm thinking my rear tires won't last that long. It's hard to pull away without juicing the throttle. I never liked doing that - and never understood why some of my friends did it - but that power is there and the bike feels like it wants a quick acceleration. Fine by me! :grin2:

I've been on the 650 forum a lot and learned a ton. Mostly European owners (and why do the Europeans always get the better paint schemes? Yet at the same time the Euro's want the USA's colors!) are modding the exhausts. For me, since I'm not racing the bike, I'm not going to dish out $1,000 for an exhaust.
I'm also seeing a different motorcycle world. What I mean by that is, like when I came to this forum, when there's racing bikes the owner are focused on different things. ADV bikes are different than racing, cruisers different than both, etc...
Most of the CB owners are trying to strip everything off their bikes for a lighter ride. I get it...but if you're NOT hitting that track then why do it? I guess it's a "lifestyle" thing.

Overall, this is the bike I've been wanting based on what most of my riding is. It's an easy commuter yet at the same time I can hit the highway and ride hard when I need to. It won't be the best touring motorcycle but, with the seat cushion that should help. I'm also waiting on Madstad to call me and create a better windscreen. The Puig I have allows too much wind to hit my chest. I notice that when riding above 60 mph, when I push the shield outward by an inch there's a tremendous difference in airflow! Unfortunately, because of the bottom of the Puig, there's no way I can adjust it. The bottom would run into the headlight assembly - unless I cut the bottom off, which I don't want to do.

I plan on getting over to Daytona before teachers have to report back to school in 2 weeks so a longer ride review will come then. In the meantime, any ride is a good ride!

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Congrats. Nice Bike!

Versys 650 owner here, actually it's my second Versys 650. Never had a problem with maintenance or reliability although I have serviced both bikes myself. I think all Japanese bikes are built very reliably regardless of brand.

I can see why you would want a naked bike in Tampa. The extra airflow is nice in hot weather.

As for the Versys...I really have no complaints for that motorcycle. I DO have many complaints regarding MY Versys! If you're on the Versys forum read the threads from those that had/have issues. At first I thought they were crazy with their complaints...and then it happened on my Versys.

And again, that Kawasaki front sprocket nut is ridiculous! There's absolutely NO REASON that thing should be on there that tight! From the factory it's way over-torqued...and has been for many years. They need to correct that now!
My new Honda, a 10mm bolt!

As for the naked style, it actually just appealed to me. Something about this bike just caught my eye at first, and then it was on my mind for a while. I started reading up on it and it sounded good for what I really wanted in a motorcycle. Finally, it came to numbers and my dealership was spot-on! End of story...for now! :grin2:

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Put a few miles on the CB today and yesterday.

So far I've added some grip puppies and had to get a gel pad for the stock seat.

Today, I tried my Alpinestars mesh overpants. I wore shorts underneath. I wanted to see if the overpants would be too hot but they were awesome! And, I'm able to ride without the gel pad when I wear the overpants. (I want to think that the vinyl seat cover (like my old Versys) starts to grab at my butt and pinches it after I ride for a while. Between sweating and whatnot. The overpants are smoother and don't pinch.

Bike runs great as I took her through, probably, the most twistie roads in Florida. Was nice today as it was Monday and there was no traffic...or Harley's like a few days ago...to get stuck behind. Bike handles superbly!


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Another rider discovers the allure of the inline four. How is it for vibration?

Between 0 - 60 mph the CB feels like I'm on a jet ski over air! Smooth as silk. There are times when I go above 60 mph and, for brief moments, there's a little bit of handle bar vibrations but it doesn't last long. I don't really feel any vibrations anywhere else.
I got the grip puppies mainly because, as I'm leaned forward more and my weight goes on the bars my palms tend to push into the OEM grips. Also, the OEM grips are too tiny/thin for my hands so adding a little extra circumference feels better.
I'm looking for a decent set of grips but there's so many brands that, basically, look the same as what's on there now. I may try those Pro Grip 714's that are supposed to be the best for vibration as they're a little thicker.

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I believe its listed at around 80HP. In my case...its top speed would never be explored. More its overall manners in handling and street/traffic abilities. My riding varies from very slow, twisty backroads, boring highway drones, to "spirited" twisties, but certainly NOT including any immature dumb stuff, speeding, cutting between cars, illegal crap, risk taking ...etc etc.

As I'm retired with certain long term work/career "benefits" I'm giving this thing some very serious consideration. :wink2:
However, my "rules" include outright purchase, no ongoing monthly payments. A major outlay, gotta give it some legitimate, considerations based on my personal economics. :nerd:

Very tempting to go sign on the dotted line....which actually IS among my particular options :grin2:

To be continued......

Me too! I don't zip through the lanes, wheelie, race or anything that increases my chances of getting myself hurt or in a situation that I can't get out of in a split second!
At the same time I do find myself on this bike "enjoying" the quickness and handling better than my previous motorcycles.
Do I notice when I twist the throttle that, man...just a little quicker would be cool? Yep, but at the same time I remind myself - a little quicker would probably get me in trouble. This is just right!

If and when you're ready to drop some cash I'd suggest looking for a New, Old Stock that you can probably get for a great deal. Search around!

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Visited my nearest Honda dealer yesterday, its a fit as predicted. Bar stretch reasonable, tiptoeing not required to gain foothold.
A reasonably aggressive lean left to right (albeit on the showroom floor) does not reveal excessive weight, on the contrary, about as much effort required to do same on my 900SS.
So, all that said, its passed my "fit test"....add that to the + column.

The 2019 has been updated with Showa USD forks, the '18 has conventional. USD's Added to the + column.

Zeroing in a bit.....IF I were to say "go"...it would be the current '19 ABS premier model. Added to the + column.

A fair price (a bit under list) was quoted by the dealer. I've got in writing. Added to the + column.

Something/anything in the - column? Just a lower number on a periodic financial statement

Further consideration and a visit to a 2nd dealer over the weekend....a work in progress.

I hope if you pull the trigger you're not disappointed by anything I mentioned or suggested. You're a far more experienced rider than I am.
That said, the 2019's have a few "upgrades", definitely. Plus the ABS (mine is regular) a different gauge and round headlight, the shocks as you mentioned, and a 2-piece seat (mine is one). And it's got a few more HP than the 2018's!
If I lived closer to you I'd definitely loan you my bike for a weekend!

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@Devilsfan I hope you don't mind my semi-jacking of your thread, though *you've* actually inspired me (within your thread) by documenting your obvious satisfaction in your purchase. Until this process is over... I'm excessing a bit in my own research and quest....
Of course not! Post away on this thread as I appreciate your insight!

Due to your enthusiasm and positive experience @Devilsfan....needless to say, I'm quite serious on this machine...all your fault! :grin2:

My fear is that, should you get the 2019 CB650R, there will be something that I didn't forewarn and YOU discover it and are regretting your decision!
I say this because I've always ridden cruisers and ADV bikes. It wasn't until I got the EX500 did I realize the "more" sportier bikes are better suited to my riding style. That said, I DON'T have the experience or abilities of racing and riding very aggressively. I mean, I can hold my own but I'm the type that's not afraid to lose the pack ahead of me if they're riding faster than what I feel is comfortable.

I'll put it this way, on my cruisers when I rode with the group, they'd generally be so far ahead of me. I'd watch these "old guys" take their full-dressed Harley's through the Georgia mountains as if they new death was on their doorsteps so why bother to not enjoy the rush!!! But when I got my Versys (which to me was a sports bike that sat up higher) I was able to stay on them and, actually, not be afraid to pass them! This is when it hit me that, even though the cruisers are beautiful and very comfortable they're just too big and cumbersome for me and my ability.

With the EX500 I was way ahead of the pack...and I still wasn't going as fast as I wanted to!!! And now I have the Honda I have little doubt I wouldn't be able to keep up or lead the "old guys"! But at the same time I've never raced and am not looking to. Nor do I ride super aggressively. Yes, since the CB, I find myself going much faster than normal (can't help it! >:D ) but I still feel I ride within my ability. Or if anything, the CB has opened up my abilities to where I'm still feeling comfortable.

Anyway, the point is that I hope I'm not steering you wrong. Have you looked at the Kawasaki Z series?

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After early morning errands...my quick loop, perhaps more, to entail today, pics, blah blah.

with the "blah, blah, blah..."!

I want pics and reviews!!! Come on, man! I've been anticipating your thoughts on these CB's since you stated you were getting one. Can't leave us all hanging like it's "just another bike"!!!

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Thank you @bpe. All 4 of my bikes are red, don't know how, or why that has always worked out. I'll have to do a group shot when time allows...."the red headed step children".


Love the colors and the look! Glad you got it in your driveway and it's now yours! Obviously, I think the more you ride it the more you'll like it.

As for adjustments, I know YOU KNOW what you're doing...but just remember, these new bikes today have all this computer stuff in them. Once you adjust mechanical stuff, although it may not harm the engine in any way, the computers may register that something's aloft. Like driving with a "Check Engine Light" on, it just bugs ya!
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