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Suggestion on Signatures

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BBC code is accepted in the signatures, but you only get 300 characters to do it in. I was trying to set up a clean little table, but once I got my image linked and thumbnailed I'm pretty much out of space. Maybe the limit could be upped or removed (or does it really cause that much of a demand on the server)?

Also, how about a signature preview window? As it sits now I have to change it before I even know how it looks. I save it, go load a post to see what it looks like, then start over.

Just a couple of ideas. Thanks!
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It's still a back and forth game, though (the signature changes on all of your posts when you change it, so I just go pick an old post and reload it). I was thinking more of something like an inline preview in the profile editor or something like that, just something where I can try things out before I have to actually commit. The space constraints are more of a problem than anything, though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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