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Summer of 2023 :)

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Wow, can't believe it, 44 years of riding under my belt this year, all of which (including the rain soaked holidays) was worth it. And one of the most reliable bikes I've had the pleasure of owning is definately the GPZ500. Reliable, dependable and enjoyable - all the things a woman should be - in a small package :)

Anyway, here's mine, freshly serviced, oil, filter, plugs checked, timing chain adjusted, new exhaust wrap applied, cleaned ad polished up ready for some serious Highland Touring! Total costs of al that - £30. The seat cushion "thingy" is a recent addition owing to my dodgy prostate, I'll let you know how comfortable it is after a months use.

Enjoy the Summer of 2023 everyone :)

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Came with the bike 10 years ago when I bought it from a local guy. He put the rack on (handy), I put the top box on which looks the part. Just big enought for my helmet and gloves etc. Doesn't look oversized or too "boxy" so I'm okay with it. Thanks for your nice comments, I hope to get some new photo's posted up as the summer progresses, with the bike in different locations :)
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