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the "COUNTDOWN"....

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till spring riding, for us Northerners at least. I dunno, following this offers a timeline and I think stirs some excitement.....and personally, it kind of breaks the winter into sections...for me at least. Obviously, I'm itching with anticipation to ride! We'll (I'll) check these off as they pass. Whythehecknot. Comments and thoughts are always welcome. C'mon spring, dammit!

-Dec 21 Winter solstice....check
-Dec 25 Christmas....check
-Jan 1 New years ....check
-January 21 Martin Luther King birthday....check
-Jan 26-27 Rolex 24 at Daytona (opens the US racing season) ....check
-February 2 Ground Hog Day....check
-February 12 Lincoln birthday....check
-February 17 Daytona 500......check
-February 18 Washington birthday/Presidents Day.....check
-March 16 Daytona 200....check

Warmth just about to pop up here! Finally!
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Don't forget Feb 2, ground hog day. We may get lucky and see an early spring.
"OK campers, rise and shine!"

I break my winter into three phases, January, February, and March. :grin2:

Seriously, I do. Fortunately, the worst of the three comes first. I go into mild panic after New Year's Day, because it's the beginning of being plunged into a bitter cold, icy, windy, gray, fight for survival, especially if you work outdoors. There's also little in the way of good holidays or celebrations. It's as if life in general retreats into a cave. Wow, saying that out loud was cathartic.

Once February rolls around, there's more sunlight, more breaks from the routine, and there's at least the hope of spring on the distant horizon.

March begins with my birthday, and suddenly April's not so far away, when I get to look forward to moving from 30 degrees and snowing to 35 degrees and raining. Welcome to New England.

Through all of this, I'm thankful for my marginally heated garage. I do enjoy the annual ritual of watching ducatiman check off the winter milestones, on the countdown to spring. I'm thinking this coming riding season will begin with a motorcycle trip to Long Island.
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OK, two of the three are down; January and February. This is just about the point where I start anticipating warmer weather. This year, a short mid-March trip to San Antonio will be the gateway to spring.
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