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the "COUNTDOWN"....

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till spring riding, for us Northerners at least. I dunno, following this offers a timeline and I think stirs some excitement.....and personally, it kind of breaks the winter into sections...for me at least. Obviously, I'm itching with anticipation to ride! We'll (I'll) check these off as they pass. Whythehecknot. Comments and thoughts are always welcome. C'mon spring, dammit!

-Dec 21 Winter solstice....check
-Dec 25 Christmas....check
-Jan 1 New years ....check
-January 21 Martin Luther King birthday....check
-Jan 26-27 Rolex 24 at Daytona (opens the US racing season) ....check
-February 2 Ground Hog Day....check
-February 12 Lincoln birthday....check
-February 17 Daytona 500......check
-February 18 Washington birthday/Presidents Day.....check
-March 16 Daytona 200....check

Warmth just about to pop up here! Finally!
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Seems to me the vernal equinox is a natural for your checklist as well. Even if the weather still sucks at least you can tell yourself its officially spring. This year its Wednesday March 20, 2:58 p.m. PST. I'll let you do the math to convert it to Eastern time. Being on the West coast, I haven't slurped enough coffee yet.
Just for the heck of it I checked last year's expired registration papers still sitting under the seat of my bike. Last spring I plated it on April 4th. That was the date that I decided it was warm enough and the roads were clear enough to start riding again. So only about a month to go....yahooooo...

Pothole season around here never goes away, which makes you appreciate a bike with a suspension that really works.
Yeah, you've got to know the "pothole line" as well as the "rain line". And don't get me started on frost heaves!
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Turned out to be the second coldest February on record in my area. Glad its officially over and the big melt is on. I should be riding in about 2 weeks.
Today was beautiful spring weather so that inspired me to pump up the tires on the MTB and go for a long ride. Time to start working off all those winter cookies and cakes.

There is still too much road grime, salty puddles, and occasional icy patches to venture out on a motorcycle but at least I can get out and pedal the bike on the Trans Canada Trail (paved) which runs through the center of town and far out into the surrounding countryside. No salt and no dodging of cars. The off road trails in the trees will have to wait; they are still a sheet of ice.
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