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I try to post a pic from iOS 11.4.1
It kicks me out... with the following if I want to add anything with pics.

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Hi there,

What browser are you on? Also, are you on the enhanced mobile view or the desktop view?

iOS 11.4.1
Mobile and desktop views from iPhone.
From latest FireFox on laptop as well.
All the same.

Wouldn't add pics from my phone either, but didn't kick me out...Current version of Android.
Just tested this with Firefox on iOS11.4.1
I went into this thread, clicked on Go Advanced > Paper Clip Icon > Upload Image > Close Window
How are you attaching your images?

Let me clarify.
With iPhone 6 and Safari, our EX site asks if I want to exit enhanced mobile view. I tap yes. Tap upper right hand of screen and it logs me in using Apple's BS "remember me".... then, if I scroll down to bottom of screen and tap "full version" I'm still able to stay logged in. If, however, I try to go advanced and upload a picture that was taken with the same iPhone, it swaps tabs, the site logs me out.

I can see on Windows Explorer (Windows 7) using Firefox where you posted a big Canadian flag but menu in upper right hand screen doesn't work to log in. I'm viewing it like I'm not a member.

Now, I have taken a screen shot with iPhone 6, and will scroll to bottom of page to tap "full version".

We shall see if it'll let me add a photo.

No, as soon as tap "manage attachments" the phone opens another tab.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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