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Track on a 500?

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I am sure someone has asked this before, but I am a complete blonde on the track subject. Does anyone take their 500Rs to the track? Was curious, I have seen a few avatars that have a 500R on what look likes the track. I would love to hit to experience the track at least once, though I am sure that experience level is a good distance into my future :p
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The short answer is yes.

Littlepaw said:
I would love to hit to experience the track at least once
I was still laughing at that one when I finished reading all the responses. ;)

All the above is great advice. Just get out and do it. Give yourself plenty of time to get setup in the morning even if that means missing the first session. RELAX. Everyone out there had a "first day" once.

After your first one, come back here and rave about it. Then start working on your suspension.
Littlepaw said:
Wow, just now noticed that typo. :p But its okay since I work third shift and post at the wee hours of the morning. Really glad for all the responses, and I may very well try to head down there soon. Not quiet sure where the closest track is, but I am sure if I ask around I can find one! I noticed a lot of people talk about mods but, I assume its just as fine to track with a stock ex-500?
Sorry man. I wasn't bashing your typing. It's just funny when people say they would like to experience the track ONCE. Once is never enough.

As KS said, take it easy in stock form. If you get out in beginner and don't try to ride like Rossi, it will be fine. Afterward, you will have an idea why we say upgrade suspension or get a real track weapon.
That is exactly what I have been contemplating. I may ask the wife to let me keep the 500 for the street and just use the 750 for track. The 500 is so much more comfortable for that kind of thing. Plus, I have a blast on it on the back roads. Then there is the track prep each time and setting it up for racing.

I'm really talking myself into this idea. Can you guys call my wife and enlighten her on the advantages of two bikes. ;D
Unless you live in an area of the country where racing the 500 is an option, and I don't, then it is a stepping stone. A place to get your feet wet on the cheap. For less than $100 and a couple hours time, you can setup the suspension in a fashion that is adequate if not perfect for some real fun up to intermediate level track days.

Back to the OP, if cash is a problem, cut the front springs and upgrade the rear spring. Set your sag properly and get out there. You will have a blast plus have a more competent street bike until you find that you NEED to move up because the track fever is so bad. ;D
I can't imagine riding my 94 that hard with stock suspension. Starting out, sure, but she wagged her tail like a street walker much past 60mph.

All this talk of moving to a better bike is killing me. 15 days until I get to try out the 750 on track. Woo Hoo!
That isn't apples to apples. A set of Chinese plastics for a GSXR can be had for $300. I haven't seen a Chinese set for the 500, so you have to OEM or a US company. The difference is in the quality.
Littlepaw said:
Actually, that is apples to apples. That Suzuki upper cowling is: $187.98, manufacture part. The Ninja 500: $932.10, manufacture part.
An OEM upper for under $200? That is far less than I would expect, but if you have it first hand then OK.
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