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Track on a 500?

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I am sure someone has asked this before, but I am a complete blonde on the track subject. Does anyone take their 500Rs to the track? Was curious, I have seen a few avatars that have a 500R on what look likes the track. I would love to hit to experience the track at least once, though I am sure that experience level is a good distance into my future :p
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Littlepaw said:
I don't think I have anywhere near the experience to hit the track. I have only about 1300 miles under my belt. Though I will admit, the idea of it does sound amazing. Especially since I just got full leathers.
I like this guy ^

Go track it. Be warned though...it will not just be a "one time thing."

I hear people ask if they are experienced enough for the track or not quite often. If you are comfortable riding most 30 mph rated turns over 40... I'd say ur just fine to go track. Some people REALLY are not ready because they are just plain to hesitant and will actually be a danger on the track.

The biggest concern I hear from people is whether or not there is a point for them to track since they are still a noob. I am a complete noob, yet every track day I progress more than I progress in MONTHS of street riding. It is incredibly beneficial.
Littlepaw said:
Well, in about another year or so I am intending to upgrade my bike to maybe a Ninja 650. I think at that point I might turn my EX into a track bike.
Make your Ninja 650R the track bike and keep the 500 for the street if you are able to have 2 bikes.

The 650r has a much better chance at being a track bike than a 500. OR you can do the best thing and get an sv650 for the track.
Littlepaw said:
Very simple reason to track the 500 and not the 650 :p I want to track the one that is paid for. Of course, there is always the option of trading my EX in for the 650 and then getting a used bike just for the track. The SV650s go for a decent price around here, as well as the older ZX6s.
Or... sell the ex500, buy a 650, and use it for track and street. My 600rr pulls street and track duty.

As long as you have a car for all the strait line driving, you wont have to worry about squaring off your tires and stuff.

BT016 are great tires for doing street and track... at least while you're still a noob.
csmutty said:
redkow97 said:
^ but racing a bike and track riding a bike are two totally separate things. You don't need fresh rubber and max grip to "win" a track day.

Yes, an EX lacks the power to destroy tires in the manner larger bikes do, but I'm riding at a fast "I" pace, and I still can't afford enough dates each year to use more than 1 front and 2 rears.

I get about 8-10 days on a front, and 4-5 days (probably more) on a rear. and Dunlop Qualifiers aren't that expensive. the Q2 is an even better tire,and you can find them for $230/set shipped right now... That's not a bad tire bill.

if you're racing against other 500's, it's also probably a lot more fun to ride an EX than if you're getting absolutely murdered by better bikes.
Ok. So say the trackbike goes down. How much are EX500 parts compared to others?
How about we compare AVAILABILITY. A ninja 650R? Parts are hard to come by. I made a little side cash back when I had my 650R buying and selling parts. People who were trying to sell were usually desperate, and there just isn't much demand. Then when it comes time to sell, you just have to wait for someone who needs it, because they know another part that they need may not come around in a while.

I imagine trying to find parts for a crashed 500r is the same. How about an sv650? TONSSSS of available parts.
Before we go too much further in this discussion.

I remember when I had thoughts of tracking when I had my 650R. Everyone was telling me "oh well you'll need some better suspension, some race tires, steering damper,... etc." I was thinking "why?" I didn't understand why I couldn't just plop my bike on the track and enjoy it like that. Only now am I BEGINNING to think that if I was on my stock 650R that I would be having some issues.

Personally, Just go experience the track. You don't need to do anything the first time. You'll be too slow to really need ANY of that. Just make sure you got decent tread on your tires and go have a good time. Then, once you are addicted, think about all the changes, or possibly a new bike.
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