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.....anybody else use the Tomahawks T-3 Sport retreads? There is a WERA race team that uses them and the Motorcylclist Mag review wasn't too bad....(they said they were heavy and fell into the corner fast) about $50 ea on Ebay..

Anywho my EX had been in storage since '96 and getting it back on the street was is a good excuse to buy all kinds of stuff!!

No, i have no footage from the mini cam yet as the current location shakes too much.....

The GPS is for speedo as I haven't got my Kawi guages to work with my Suzuki front end yet..

Yes, my forks look like they are barely in the clip-on's but actually there is enough in there and i can't raise the tubes any more....raised them that much to get my clip-ons above the triple tree as they have always been below for CCS racing..

added a small 50p tool set to the back bag also..

the Icon Mainframe Solid Rubatone Helmetis on super sale @ $79.99 (MSRP $220) from Motorcyclesuperstore.com

got the mesh Fieldsheer for $42 new on ebay..

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