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On another website I participate in, http://www.northbaysportriders.com, we are getting a group ride together to see some of our troops off to Iraq.

Here is the original thread: http://www.northbaysportriders.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4955&st=0

For anyone from ex-500.com wanting to participate, let's make the meeting place at Arlen Ness showroom parking lot.

I will update as things progress.

USMC 91'-95'

Here is the text of the original post on NBSR.
(Cross posted at BARF)

NBSR Riders - The Northern California PGR (Patriot Guard Riders ) has been issued a challenge by our brothers and sisters in Oregon, and we need your help.

Recently, Oregon met and escorted to the airport, 17 troopers header for Iraq. They met and escorted with 41 motorcycles. Nearly a 3:1 ratio.

On 27 January, approx. 300 members of the 104th will be sent off from Camp Parks in Dublin. (Exact details are coming soon).

We have been invited to show our support for these brave men and women as they head off to places we would rather not go.

Help us show Orgeon (and the rest of the nation) that California supports our troops. Help us turn out 1,000 motorcycles (or scooters, or trucks, golf carts, **** ... hitch-hike if you have to) to particpate in the send-off [and hopefully] escort them to their point of departure (Travis AFB???).

You do not have to be a veteran or motorcyclist to particpate. If You have a flag, bring it. If you don't, get one (or two).

This is NOT a Protest group

You do not have to be pro-war, pro-Bush or pro/anti-anything.

Come to offer respect and support. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I will post details ASAP and try to give everyone as much time and notice as possible to allow planning.
However, please remember this will be a military operation and so subject to change at any time.

More soon.

UPDATE - 1-17-2007

It appears the mobilization ceremony will be on Saturday the 27th January approx 1 pm

The troop escort (lead their buses down the highway ... destination not firm) will be on Sunday the 28th. I'll post those details as they beome available. there are approx. 300+ soldiers involved so it will likely involve more than one escort.

Camp Parks is almost across the street from Arlen Ness. This might come in handy for those that can't meet the requirements to ride on base on Saturday. (Riding on base on Sunday is not required as we can meet buses at the gate). If you can not meet military standards for riding on base on Saturday, bring your car, or park off base and walk in (as I may have to do). BRING FLAGS!!!!

In general, the following requirements must be met to ride on a military installation. I'll post specifics for this event as soon as I have them.

1) Current Registration, Insurance Card and MC endorsement on your license.
2) DOT 2 or better approved helmets on everyone – with the DOT sticker visible.
3) Reflective vest or reflective jacket for pilot and passenger.
4) Gloves, high boots and impact resistant eyewear (or full face helmet visor) for pilot and passenger.

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Re: Troop Escort - 28 January - Dublin CA 1,000 motorcycles wanted, PGR Challeng

You guys are good.

My USMC son came & went to Iraq via long distance from 29 Palms. Some local families were there, but I wish he could've seen something like what you guys are proposing to do. He, like most of those devildogs, would never expect or request such a thing... which makes it all the cooler.

Hope it works out. Oooh-rah Pa.

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Re: Troop Escort - 28 January - Dublin CA 1,000 motorcycles wanted, PGR Challeng

Hey guys...

I unfortunately have to bow out of this, and will not be able to support this group ride either. But the send off is still happening, anyone can go!

Recent update is the Saturday the 27th is on, not the 28th.

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