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First off, thanks for this board! ;D

I tried to register as "Java", but I didn't notice the "I'm over 13" box, so it was left unchecked. Now I can't be "Java", because the software thinks there is a sub-13 yr old Java already here. I even downloaded and mailed the "permission slip" SO "Young Java" could log on, but it got returned "undeliverable". I've got the letter back in my hands now, and it is addressed correctly. I gave up and registered with a different (I hope temporary) name, so I could post here in support forum. Could you either delete "java" so I can change this account to that name, - or - Change "Java" to "over 13" and delete this (Frustrated) account? Sorry for being stupid. Thanks for your help.

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'Young Java' has been approved... sorry about the undeliverable mail, I moved recently and forgot to update the address.

If you could, PM me after you've logged in as Java so I can delete your Frustrated member.

Sorry for the trouble.
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