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This will be a long post, so please bear with me...

Keep in mind: I live in Germany, and the temperatures currently are around 40 degrees (F).
also, I am a newbie to bikes, and do not know how to properly trouble shoot them.

I bought an abandoned 1993 500 R (GPZ 500 S in Europe) with 30,000 miles a couple of weeks ago, and started restoring it. Previous owner said he drove it until it starting stalling/turning off spontaneously, then parked it and let it sit till I took it off his hands. He thinks the engine is fine, and the problem lies within the carbs, or electrics.

First thing I did, was remove carbs, clean and rebuild them with new everything, and reinstall. Fuel tank was cleaned thoroughly, and filled with new and fresh fuel. Fuel petcock was rebuilt and reinstalled with new fuel hose/filter and new vacuum hose I also changed the oil, oil filter, air filter. spark plugs, and changed the clutch cover and its gasket while im at it. (the bike fell over at some time during its 9 year storage, and the brake pedal pierced a hole through the clutch cover letting all the oil out.)

While cranking, the bike makes all sorts of bangs and crackles for a long time, until it is finally is able to start, with the help of the throttle. After that, I would have to keep the throttle open myself in order for it to keep running. It seems to run well and steady with my input, but the moment I release the throttle, it dies immediately. The choke seems to make little to no difference when applied, even though I cleaned the mechanism properly, and it seemed to be working when I had the carbs open. I also double checked to see if the cable was installed correctly.

Note: when the bike finally started, plenty of black liquid (and a lot of smoke) made its way out if the exhaust, and it smelled like fuel, not sure if it was mixed with oil.

Could anyone help me trouble shoot please?
I think the problem is either related to carb setting, or the engine could be no good.

Looking forward for all your replies.


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Look for vac leak.
If choke isnt limiting the air volume (raising idle on the pull of it) ; I would bet there is too much air, or air leak.

Alternatively. If you smell an overwhelming amount of gas fumes while running, could be drowning in fuel, but if this was the case, your good ole sniffer would pick it up most likely.

A check of your spark plugs will most likely tell you which cylinder (s) are experiencing lean or rich so you know which side to choose your search on

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with 30,000 miles
a valve clearance check is imperative with that many miles on the ODO.

Followed by a carb clean (full teardown/restoration) in view of it sitting so long, petcock too. Replacing with all new consumables as you go in. A full review of the entire fuel system as well, including a possible flapper valve removal.

Also include wires/spark plug caps service.
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