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Reading around here, you guys really seem to know what you're talking about. I'm extremely inexperienced when it comes mechanical work on an engines. I want to learn though, and we all need to start somewhere. Sooo....onto the topic. :)

My friend has an '88 EX500, and man... it looks every bit as old as it really is. The bike has had so many previous owners, that Kawasaki engineers probably wouldn't even recognize it anymore. All the bolts/screws were switched to standard. I can't tell if the exhaust is a Yoshi slip-on or a full system (but I didn't even know Yoshi made pipes for the EX). It has a K&N air filter that's easily over 5 years old. There is no record of the service dates, or any work done on the bike. When I took the plugs out, one side was very black, and the other not so much. But then again, one of the plugs had actually popped out of the cylinder at some point last season. The bike sat for months and months over the past year, and so I'm sure the carbs could use a cleaning. The bike also runs rough, it used to idle around 2.5k, but my friend lowered it to around 1.5k. Because it had been sitting for so long, I had to replace the battery. The clutch cable has also worn down, and I have a replacement in the mail coming in.

There's just all these terms that I'm not familiar with. Pilot Screws (I guess adjust the amount of fuel or air is in the mixture), jetting the carbs, etc. The carbs need to be cleaned (I'm sure), maybe synched, and probably jetted as well. I have no experience with doing any of that. I'm not keen on buying the service manual, as I did that with my 250 and it has been NO help whatsoever.

Just wondering how involved and how complicated performing maintenance on the engine (carbs) would be. What sort of things would I need to buy in order to properly tune stuff. AND, I've almost limited myself to seeking guidance in carb work here. But this post is actually about a TUNE UP in general. Just wondering that if I were to bring it to a shop, what other things might they suggest be "tuned"?

Thanks a lot if you even made it this far. I know I wrote a lot. :(

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