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As per usual, along with my upcoming rear tire replacement I will also replace the chain.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting

Also as per usual, with every other tire and chain replacement, comes a sprocket kit.

But this just in:
Tire Land vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire

I have developed a fork oil leak.
Hood Automotive lighting Light Vehicle Motor vehicle

So now I have an upcoming fork rebuild.

I'm going to try to push this off until winter maintenance, but we will have to see how much worse it gets. I was already in line for a fork oil change this winter. As luck would have it, I already have the seals. Because of how hard it has been lately to get parts, I've pre-ordered some stuff to have on hand.

Now, was this good pre-emptive thinking, or did I just jinx myself. 馃ぃ Hard to say.

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Maybe you can just get lucky on the fork seal and it's a piece of debris that'll come out with Seal Mate or something similar to buy you some time. I've never gotten lucky with that though.

RK Chains are great.

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it is always the brake side seal 馃槀

careful though, i've done the push it off... tends to drip on the front brake and ruin your stopping power
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