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2006 ninja EX500r
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I have a 06 500R with 6,500 miles on her. I am doing my first track day at Talladega memorial day weekend in about 7 weeks. At the rate I ride I will be right at the recommended 7,000 mile mark for my valve adjustment. So my question is would it be better to do the adjustment before or after my track day? Or does it really make a difference.
And a follow-up question.... besides the usual modifications required for a track day are there any other things I should do?
Here's a list of what I've already done recently and if there's anything missing please let me know.....
Oil change and filter change (k&n filter)
New spark plugs
Trim the wires and clean the boots
Fog box modification with k&n air filter
Set mixture screws at 2.5 turns out and synced the carbs
Installed inline fuel filter
Pair valve removal using the kit
New tires.. dunlop sportmax 140/120
Pulled and rebuilt both front and back calipers and new brake pads on rear... The front are in pretty good shape.
New brake fluid of course and bled the lines
Put some rubber spacers in my Kush drive to clean up the slop
Adjusted my chain slack and did the string thing including vertical alignment and rocking the forks
Swapped out my rear shock/spring with a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 assembly
Cut my front springs and added spacers and increased my fork oil weight
And I'm still not happy with my suspension but I will continue to tweak it a little bit. It just feels too loose or unstable or quick to dive into the turns.
Is there anything else that I should be looking at in preparation for track day?

Thanks for any input and recommendations

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Do it now. At the rate that the EX500 valves get tight early, you could already be out of tolerance.
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You gota change your anti-freeze to H20 and an additive, egine ice, water wetter. Idea is it has to be a non glycol stuff. Drain plug has to be safety wired, either drill it and do it that way or there may be some crush washers that you can incorporate a wire to an anchoring spot. Oil filter has to be safety wired, use a large radiator band and wire accordingly. When I had this bike as a dedicated race bike, I had a fluid retaining belly pan from a custom outfit that did fibreglass body work out here in sunny South Florida. I think Targa may make them still or not.

I would do the valves, since your gona be running the beasty harder than on the street. I liked the Woodcraft rear sets for this bike, which is one of the few modifications that my current street bike does not have (on the street I want leg room, on the track, I want maximum ground clearance.)

You may have to remove your side stand too, centre stand is a no-no. May have forgotten stuff, my bikes had no mirrors, blinkers, headlights - your may differ, so they may let you tape them up. Don't know, Talladaga would be cool to visit. Peace
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