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valve clearance

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hi guys, couple of questions. what the best way of adjusting these, cold as per manual or according to the local bike shop hot, quote" do them hot if this causes a rattle when cold fine just ignore it".

also following on from Lunty74's post about CCT,s mine has a manual adjuster what the best method to use for adjustment engine running "by ear" or stood using a measured amount of chain deflection.
I know the 2nd gen stock is better but unless you have very deep pockets these seem as rare as hens teeth around here as most are 1st gen on sale, the manual one at least seems better than these,
any input welcome.
thanks in advance.
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Being a bit tired of all the valve train rattle, I think I will set lash with a dial indicator next time. Then, I will translate that to a feeler gauge reading (which will be less, as the feeler does not measure the depth of the concave surface atop the valve stem - where the adjustment screw wears a small divot into it. That always adds .001" or more to your adjustment.
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