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What do you wear?

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We've covered bits and pieces, but I'd like to know what you are all wearing.

I wear:
M2R helmet
Tourmaster Saber jacket (3/4)
Tourmaster Venture pant
A-star full gauntlet gloves
Leather work boots
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HJC AC-12 Carbon Helmet
Joe Rocket Solid Blaster 2.0 jacket and jeans
AlpineStars Stage 1-pc leather suit
CorTech full gauntlet leather gloves
Tennis Shoes, my old military steel toe, or Sidi Strada Evo Air

either i'm dressed to the max or i'm squidding it, there is no in between. i always wear my helmet, my jacket, and my gloves though.
a scarf? boy, you canadians sure are a strange breed...

LOL! ;) i kid i kid...
Hahaha weird bunch huh? funny thing is I pack a scarf in my tank bag too... Undecided I don't know why I've used it twice maybe.
maybe it's because it makes a good tourniquet...? LOL! ;) I'll tell you what though, in cold weather, the biggest reason i bi7ch out is because my neck gets cold. i've got this neck wrap similar to a half balaclava and it does a really good job at proteting my neck from the wind. odd that the very next year i sold it for my RR and i've stopped riding in crap weather...
dad said:
Held Galaxy or Technic Violator II (?) gloves.
how do you like those Helds? I'm looking to buy the Akira.
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