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What do you wear?

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We've covered bits and pieces, but I'd like to know what you are all wearing.

I wear:
M2R helmet
Tourmaster Saber jacket (3/4)
Tourmaster Venture pant
A-star full gauntlet gloves
Leather work boots
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Arai Quantum II helmet
JR alter ego jacket
Teknic (not sure which model) perf leather jacket

JR alter ego pants
unknown leather gloves
leather hiking boots
Icon spine/chest protector (if im not wearing a pack)

before next riding season ill be getting some sidi vertigo boots and some beefier gloves.
well, while i havent put my spine protector to the ULTIMATE test here are a few observations from my ICON model.

the fit is top notch. it has enough adjusments (and very secure ones at that) to make it fit just about anyone. im a smaller guy and it still fits great. its just long enough to protect the entire length of your back and even just above me tailbone. still short enough not to touch on the seat and jack it up when on the bike. fitment is very secure, back has an articulated "lobster back" design going which allows for good flexability. the chest protector is made of more rubber but is deffinatley thick enough to take a hit w/o feeling too much. the overall build on the rest of the vest is great. all very tight weave thick nylon.

i have no doubts that it will stand up very nicley to a crash (yeah, it will probably be rashed up pretty good, but better than your $200+ jacket). and it does not only add a nice feeling of extra security, but it helps in keeping your body more rigid while riding.
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