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What do you wear?

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We've covered bits and pieces, but I'd like to know what you are all wearing.

I wear:
M2R helmet
Tourmaster Saber jacket (3/4)
Tourmaster Venture pant
A-star full gauntlet gloves
Leather work boots
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kbc VR1 - trashed
Shoei RF1000 - knicked up a little bit, still good
Vemar Carbon - pimp lid
OGK FF4 - race lide

Alpinestars GPU 2-piece (street & trackdays)
IXS Joker 1pc (race duty)

Alpinestars GP Plus
Alpinestars GP Pro

Alpinestars SMX Plus

www.impactarmor.com custom fit chest & back protector.

and i'm probably gonna get some added hip protection to wear under my leathers as well.
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