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Whats on your head?

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So what are you guys wearing out there?

Probably shopping for a new lid this coming season, to replace my HCJ FG-12.

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My brain bucket ATM is an HJC AC12 Carbon. Used to be (and still have) a CL14. man what a difference.

Cost me $300 shipped from an online vender.
Just remember, you always get screwed at a dealership.
I've been asked many times why i bother with a helmet at all when all i travel is 5 miles to work.  This is what i tell them, and it's been said before...:

"It only takes 50 ft to crash."

I'm glad that all of you are at least wearing a helmet. You could be suited up with a back protector, full 1pc kangaroo hide suit, gloves and boots to the max, but the moment your head hits the pavement, it's lights out, game over. Brains don't heal as well as skin or bone you know.

so thanks guys, for wearing your lids.
I haven't heard anything BAD about them... however i've heard mixed reviews about convertible helmets.

personally, i'd stick to a full face rather than convertible. i see no benefit from having a flip up. also, what's with the robocop visor?
PontiacJack said:
Mixed reviews? where? (on line source?)
none i can really point too. mostly ramblings among younger and older sportbike riders on various boards... unhappy this and useless that and too heavy here and uncomfortable there... blah blah blah i just think their pissed that they spent all that money on a convertible and thought it would be BETTER than a fully enclosed lid when really, their no better than your typical 200 dollar lid... meh. again, i see no benefit to having a convertible lid, even IF you wear glasses. i can get mine in my Über tight HJC just fine. and by god they stay put.
1 - 6 of 202 Posts
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