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Whats on your head?

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So what are you guys wearing out there?

Probably shopping for a new lid this coming season, to replace my HCJ FG-12.

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I have a Z1R. It's my first helmet, as I just started riding in Sept. 05. Bought it based on the testing of helmets in Motorcyclist magazine...it was one of 3 or 4 brands with the lowest impact to the head, and they tested many, many brands. The Z1R was also one of the least expensive. I don't have anything to compare to since it's my first helmet, but I have been very satisfied with the comfort and fit so far.
Excellent point Luke. In an earlier post I mentioned that I got a Z1R based on the article "Blowing the Lid Off" in Motorcyclist Magazine...which indicated it was one of the safest helmets, and one of the least expensive...I paid 95 bucks with tax. Since I wear ear plugs when I ride, wind noise is not an issue anyway, and the fit and comfort have been fine. So I do not yet understand why some pay as much as $500+ for a less protective lid.
No offense taken from your post Jakew129. As I said, the Z1R is my first helmet, so I really have no basis for comparison. My helmet choice was a no-brainer, as I'm not a long distance or all day rider. My average ride is 25-50 miles on county roads at less than 60 mph. I suppose if I get more serious about cycling, then all day comfort may become more of an issue. At this point safety is my most important issue, so the Motorcycling article hit the press at just the right time. For my relatively short rides I have not experienced any comfort, shield, or other problems with the Z1R, so for me it works. I think the most important thing is to have and wear a good helmet...period.
In response to greenbear's question about Z1R helmets...I bought the Z1R zrp-1 two years ago for the same reason you mentioned...i.e. it tested better than all the other helmets for head protection. I have not tried any other Z1R helmets, so can't respond to that aspect of your question. But I've been totally satisfied with the Z1R over the past two years. It's comfortable, quiet is not an issue since I always wear earplugs, and the fit and finish are nice. Only downside I've noted is that on the zrp-1 the liner is not removable for washing. However for cleaning you can simply submerge the whole helmet in a large bucket of soapy water, rinse well, dry and you're good to go. If you want best protection and want the removable liner for cleaning, consider the Fulmer which also tested very well. I have seen them at stores and they are very nice looking. ninjamon
1 - 4 of 202 Posts
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