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Whats on your head?

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So what are you guys wearing out there?

Probably shopping for a new lid this coming season, to replace my HCJ FG-12.

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Knightslugger said:
Just remember, you always get screwed at a dealership.
and they often tend not to lube up!..... :-X
You pay more for comfort and features, The Shoei RF1000 is a helmet like no other, the materials used are nuthing but the best, it has an extremely lightwieght shell, better venting, and locking faceshield, which my next helmet will have! cause a flipped up faceshield on the interstate is no fun....trust me....and it is just as safe if not safer than ur Z1R...and ive read other articles that say different about that helmet, that its really only a tiny bit safer, i mean they rated it based on how much G-force was impacting it, and the forces on each helmet werent that far off, so i dont know, but basically you pay for the comfort and quality when you pay more...

I totally dont agree with buying a $500 helmet, but u can find the RF1000 new on Ebay for like $240

And im not knocking ur Z1R, just explaing why people would spend more
"It only takes 50ft to crash"

SH*T i got one up on u, i can do it in 0ft, as in trying to put my bike on the center stand in flip flops on a slippery concrete floor, or backing up in a parking lot with sand on the ground...in my newbie days of course...live-and-learn right
1 - 3 of 202 Posts
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