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Where is your friction zone?

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Just wondering where your friction zone is on your clutch lever travel. Mine is almost all the way out, which I find different then other bikes I have ridden. The free play on my clutch lever is correct according to the manual.

Can you adjust where the friction zone is on the clutch lever travel? I would prefer it to be about midway in the travel, because I find that easier for slipping the clutch.

By the way, my clutch has never slipped while engaged.
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Yes you can adjust from either end, and yes, it does the same thing...change the length of the outer jacket.
The adjustment at the lever is made to change "on the fly" to take up cable stretch.
If you only adjust the cable at the lever it is easy to run out of adjustment.

When I adjust the cable, with access to tools, I will take all the adjustment out of the top and adjust at the bottom leaving the maximum amount of adjustment at the lever (the cable will NEVER get shorter). When I get close to the end of adjustment at the lever it is time to take all the adjustment out of the lever end and adjust at the bottom again.
I adjust my clutches with 1/16" free play with FULL ENGAGEMENT, that will put your "friction zone" right at the end of lever swing...less that 1/16 of an inch. With the lever "out" there will be zero tension on the cable.
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