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A few days ago I picked up a pair of these ($93), along with the wiring and battery harness for use without their vest ($30), thought I'd share my experience with them so far.

I must have poor circulation in my hands or something, for the most part I don't mind cold weather but my hands are always freezing. It's been pretty nice, but cold (30-45 degrees anyway) lately... and even with some thick gloves I could only ride about 10 minutes or so before my hands would be so cold I could barely operate the controls. So I decided to pick these gloves up.

And they work really well, since I've gotten them I haven't had my hands feel cold once. Last time I was out riding (about 45 degrees, and really windy, and doing about 50mph at most) I actually managed to get some minor burns on a couple of my knuckles. Minor meaning gone by the next day. The gloves are pretty thin too, thinner than the old winter gloves I had, which makes using the hand controls a lot easier for me.

As far as I can tell the electrical system on the bike doesn't mind the added load (20W I've read). Although I've been keeping the high beam off so far. The wiring harness they provide kinda sucks IMO, you end up with the on/off switch attached to your jacket basically. I'm planning on cutting it apart and attaching the switch in a more accessible location on the handlebars. It does include all the plugs, a switch and a fuse right by the positive battery terminal, which is why I bought it rather than build my own from scratch.

Sizing is weird on them, my other gloves are medium and small, in these I need an XXS.

Overall I'm very happy with them, it's nice to be able to go out riding on nice days in the winter now. I would imagine if they keep my hands hot at 35 degrees, they would work well for a normal person into the 20s.

Anybody else have any electric stuff?
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