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Wire rims?

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Wire rims on the EX? what do you think?

Ive got a Puke Purple and grey '01 that i definately want to modify... thinking possibly of removing most or all the fairings... anyone know where i can get some wire rims, or swap them off something else??

thanks in advance
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excowboy said:
Wire rims on the EX?  what do you think?
i think it would be a little silly looking...
silly? perhaps.
well i dislike very much the grey three spoke POS's on there now (if they were balck it might not be so bad. so painting them is an option) I love the six (?) spoke rims like on the older KZ's, so even something liek THAT would be better.
...yeah. the purple has to go IMMEDIATELY (or sooner)

I dont think wire rims can look WORSE than whats already on there
That certainly looks like an interesting project :)

And don't get influenced by the opinion of others regarding the look, what matters is what you want
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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