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Holy ****. I just got home from work, got out of my car, and took my usual peek over at my bikes parked in front of our building.

My '06 CBR600RR is gone. They even took the freaking cover. Off to the police station in a couple of minutes.

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Thanks for the support, all. Got my police report and call to my insurance in, now, I just have to wait.

Will keep you posted with updates...
Broad daylight... I left this morning, didn't notice anything, and I check just about every time I come or leave. Our building manager was moving today, and she specifically remembers the bike being there. 4:30 pm, I come home, and no bike!
No, I didn't have an alarm... the whole hindsight thing.

The police said that most vehicles turn up within about a week, in various conditions. The problem with bikes is the steering lock and ignition getting torn out, OR just getting dumped out of a truck when the realize it's going to be tougher to start than they thought.

We also supposedly have a couple of organized rings who supposedly containerize the stolen bikes, and send them abroad.

Just have to wait :'(
Honestly, that was half of what I was thinking, particularly since it happened during the daytime on a busy street. If I were to think about taking a bike, I'd be thinking of 3AM - but at 3AM, everyone's home to hear alarms, etc. During the day... people are off at work.

Also, I live on a quiet, but well populated city street - there's 2 apartment buildings with 12 units each, a nursing home, and about 12 houses on it. Whoever did it did it FAST.

The punch line is that we were notified yesterday morning that we are going to get one of the two garages available in our building, effective January 1 or whenever the previous tenant clears out. Ouch!
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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